a.network is a Communication Orchestra, and our offerings go far beyond those of conventional marketing and communications companies.

We are a collective of like-minded, independent companies, each at the cutting edge of our fields. Together, we create multi-disciplined teams to deliver the skill mix needed by clients, operating with the agility of a start-up and the scale and resources of a major super-group.

Our unique skill mix brings brands what they need most in the data-centric world of today and the future: quantifiable influence over their audiences. This influence can only be delivered through the combined power of AI-based technology, communication arts, and consultative services.

Our global focus allows us to support clients throughout the world. Through our a.London EU HQ in UK, and our joint ventures with MSM Digital in Hamburg and Totem in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we have expanded a.network’s reach to encompass not only North America, but right across Europe and Asia as well.


experts at creating and sharing brand stories


One of the largest privately held agencies on the West Coast, Ayzenberg brings over two decades of experience and expertise in creating and sharing brand stories for a wide range of forward-thinking companies.


enigmatic stealth agency at the forefront of cutting-edge technology


a.network’s enigmatic stealth agency serves brands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.


work that thinks


We make Work That Thinks. It's strategy led, culturally ingrained, and infused with our gaming DNA. Our thought leadership, integrated solutions, and service-first approach invite brave and bold partners. They trust us to find the passion in every product and share that energy with the most coveted audiences. 


live-action content, episodic series, livestreaming, motion graphics, and more


Experts and innovators in efficient, scalable content creation, a.OS serves as both an open studio and an “operating system” for creators, storytellers, and streamers who work behind (and often in front of) the camera making collaborative live-action content, documentaries, episodic series, and more.


data-focused planning and buying strategies that optimize campaigns


Engaging audiences through data-focused strategies while driving constant optimization of campaigns, a.media excels at both planning and buying of paid media. Capabilities include paid social strategy, funnel strategy, mobile media, and partnerships.


Influencer Orchestra Network matching brands with their soulmates


The Influencer Orchestra Network specializes in developing powerful relationships between brands and influential content creators. Capabilities include discovery and orchestration, influencer marketing, and influencer relationship management.


bridging technology and digital content to create engaging interactive user experiences


a.digital focuses on bridging technology and digital content in order to create engaging interactive user experiences.


deriving data-driven intelligence from the deluge of digital information

a.marketing science

Using data-driven intelligence to extract clarity from the deluge of information, a.marketing science provides thorough, thoughtful analysis for brands. Capabilities include research, technology assessment, translation of complex information, and reporting.


creating images and messaging to help brands resonate with their desired audiences


Helping shape brands to resonate with their desired audiences, a.brand ID specializes in key art, logos, taglines, naming, illustration, and branded content creation.


The defacto industry index to measure the ROI of your earned media

social index

The defacto industry index to measure the ROI of your earned media.


Precise brand-influencer matching via psychometrics and proprietary methodologies.


Precise brand-influencer matching via psychometrics and proprietary methodologies.